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City Building
226 Boone St
Bromley, KY 41016

City Financial Reports
City, County, & State Ordinances and Statutes

City Council
Meetings: First Wednesday of every month
For special meetings, please see the Community Calendar
Meeting Minutes & Agenda
Donnie Jobe
Gail Smith Nancy Kienker Charlie Foulks
Ways and Means Insurance and Grants Hall Committee
859-291-5485 859-727-6469 859-291-7215
Kaleb Miller Bob France Dixie Meyer
Park and Playground Road and Light/Public works License/Website & Newspaper

City Employees
City Attorney Treasurer City Clerk
R. Kim Vocke Linda Gehrum Janet Gardiner
859-491-8595 859-581-5994
Building Inspector
/Zoning Administrator
  Parks and Streets
Joe Schutzman   Jeff Creekmore
859-802-9105   859-750-4601

City Boards & Committees
Meeting Minutes
Code Enforcement Board
(Blight Committee)
Nuisance Appeal Ethics Board Bob France
Janie Franks   Frank Wartman
Patsy France   <vacant>
<vacant>   <vacant>
City Beautification   City Development
Gail Smith   Gail Smith
Kaleb Miller   Charlie Foulks
Dixie Meyer   Bob France

Interlocal Boards
Planning and Development Services
Management Board
Kenton County Planning Commission
Telecommunications Board of N. Ky.
Mayor Radford (alt: Bob France) Joe Tewes Greg Rechtin
859-581-6048 859-291-0391 859-652-3512

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